Jude Goes Home :-(

Jude has been on his holidays with me for the last 2 weeks. He has had a blast – from playing (and staying!) with his sweetheart Ivy, to all the walking any dog could ask for! He has been walking … Continue reading

I LOVE these dogs

What a great walk today, with all these dogs just enjoying their walk, and playing with each other. With me today were Holly& Ivy (my Vizslak), Gigha & Cara (the retriever & black Lab) Skye & Rocco (the collies) and … Continue reading

Holly & Holly

A lovely walk today at Drymen with a great pack of well balanced, lovely dogs who are a pleasure to walk. With me today were Holly, Ivy and Boris (the Vizslak), Laddie, Meg and Jude (the Labs), Rocco (the border … Continue reading

Barclay’s Last Day :-(

Barclay has been on his holiday’s for the last week with us, and you would be hard pushed to find a better wee dog. He is lots of fun, behaves beautifully, gets on SO well with Holly & Ivy and … Continue reading

Lily’s moustache

Did Lily have a slightly ginger moustache when she started coming out with the Wild Side Dogs? Or is it hanging about with all the Ginger ones that’s done it??!! Maybe by Christmas she will be half and half…. Great … Continue reading

Another great walk…..

Another great walk today with Holly & Ivy, Boris, Jude, Skye, Monty & Vito. Very warm again today, but definitely not complaining, especially when I see rain forecast for the end of the week – yuk! This is a great … Continue reading

A lovely new walk

A lovely walk today with Holly & Ivy, Boris, Murphy and Rocco. Rocco is one of my newest dogs, but he is a pleasure to walk. You never need to shout on him as he keeps an eye on me … Continue reading

Little Lil

A lovely walk today with the sun not quite coming out from the clouds, but still very warm. With us today were Holly, Ivy and Boris, Monty, Molly, Zola and Lily (in the picture). All the dogs run about and … Continue reading

The 5 Friendliest dogs ….

Today I had (from left to right) Holly, Jude, Ivy, Pepsi and Murphy. I really loved today – all these dogs get on so well and you would be hard pushed to find friendlier dogs. The weather was perfect (I … Continue reading

Hot Dogs

On a really warm day (wonderful!) all I could hear today were dogs panting! With me today were my own 2 dogs Holly & Ivy, Zola, Boris, new girl Lily and Laddie & Meg. Lily had a ball today, running … Continue reading