Another warm welcome to new boy Rocco, and new girl Lily

On the warmest day of the year so far, I welcomed another 2 members to my pack. Lily actually came out last Wednesday too, but my camera broke, so it’s really her second walk! Rocco was on the morning walk, … Continue reading

A warm welcome to two new boys – Ozzie & Monty

Two new pack members today – Ozzie (the rough collie) and Monty (who is a giant teddy bear!) Both dogs were really fab. No problems in the van, travelled well, got on with the other dogs – happy, healthy, friendly, … Continue reading

Two new boys – Monty & Ozzie

The reformed character – Zola

Sorry that I haven’t properly posted my blog this week – I have just been so busy. Lots of enquiries to deal with……it’s a good complaint. Lots of amazing walks this week with all my usual suspects. I have to … Continue reading

The Black & Tan Walk

It seemed like today only dogs which were all black or tan were allowed!! This picture shows Meg & Laddie (black labs) Holly & Ivy (Vizslak) and Zola (the Ridgeback). Just out of the picture are Boris (Vizsla) and Murphy … Continue reading

Meg & the sock

Meg always finds something to carry, and today it was a sock. I love waiting to see what it is she finds! Joining the pack today we had Laddie, Meg and Jude (the Labs), Boris, Holly & Ivy (the Vizslak) … Continue reading

Two walks today….

First walk of the day was with Holly & Ivy, Boris, Gigha & Cara and Marshall. Marshall found a huge stick which he then carried for about half an hour – he will be a tired boy tonight! Second walk … Continue reading

Two walks today…

First walk today with Holly & Ivy, Boris, Gigha & Cara and finally Marshall. Marshall found a huge stick and he then carried it for about half an hour….he must be exhausted! Second walk with Holly & Ivy, Laddie & … Continue reading

Laddie, Meg & Boris all back from Holidays!

The labs, Laddie & Meg and Boris the Vizsla were all back today on their Wild Side Walk. I had missed them all, and it was strange not to have Laddie’s bell in the background – eerily quiet going through … Continue reading