A Breakthrough day for Zola!

A great walk today in Drymen with Holly and Ivy, Murphy, Skye and Zola. Zola has been a little unsure until today, then SUCCESS – she decided that she was going to enjoy her walk. She was off lead for … Continue reading

A lovely walk with a new pack member – Marshall!

Sun is shining still – hurrah! A lovely walk over Dumbrock Moor with all the dogs enjoying a long swim and cool down at the loch. New boy Marshall absolutely LOVED his walk – he ran about constantly for the … Continue reading


A lovely walk today with a group of the friendliest dogs you could find – Laddie, Meg & Jude (the labs), Pepsi (the boxer), Zola (the ridgeback) & my own two dogs Holly & Ivy (the vizslak). We stopped on … Continue reading

Warm Welcome to our new girl – Molly

A warm welcome to our newest member – Molly the miniature Labradoodle. She had a great day with a lovely walk round Mugdock and Carbeth accompanied by Holly & Ivy (the Vizslak), Meg & Laddie (the labs) & Alfa (the … Continue reading

Ahhhh, I’ve been so busy…

Sorry, haven’t posted my blog properly last week, just been too busy!! (Good complaint!). A lovely walk today with all my fav. dogs – Laddie & Meg (the black labs), Jude (the golden lab), Murphy (the cocker spaniel), Skye (the … Continue reading

Meg’s Ball

Today, Meg found a ball, and although the other dogs (esp. Holly!) tried hard to get it off her, there was no way Meg was giving it up…..really funny.A lovely quiet walk today, with all the dogs playing really nicely … Continue reading

Jude’s Face

Jude, the normally Golden Lab, just loves the muck/bogs/dirt. Today though, he really excelled – he leapt into a bog and landed face down in it…..I managed to persuade him to go in for a nice swim, but nothing would … Continue reading

Meg found a hat…

A lovely walk today through Drymen’s forest….and today’s find for Meg was a hat, which was a first! She has found gloves, baby toys but never before has she found a hat – and boy! was she pleased with herself! … Continue reading

Through the forest…

A nice walk today, with the rain staying off! Jude had great fun again today, still totally in love with Ivy….great taste, that boy. I had the company of Skye today, which I don’t normally on a Friday, but his … Continue reading

My favourite Golden Lab is Back – Jude!!

Hurrah, after being missing from our Wild Walks for nearly 2 weeks, Jude is back….and OMG did that boy LOVE his walk today. He still loves Ivy, but then who could blame him??!! He ended up in every bit of … Continue reading