Zola and the Moor

A nice walk today over the moor at Mugdock Country Park, with Holly, Ivy and Boris (The Vizslak), Laddie and Meg (the Labs) Pepsi (the Boxer) and our new girl Zola. Slightly bigger pack than normal as I was assisted … Continue reading

Drymen today…

A lovely walk through the forest at Drymen, with a great balanced pack of dogs that all get on so well. Laddie and Meg, the black labs always enjoy their walk, and are just the most balanced dogs – lovely! … Continue reading

Meg always finds something to carry….

A lovely walk today around Mugdock Country Park with Holly and Ivy, Laddie and Meg, new girl Zola and Pepsi. Practically every walk that we go on, Meg (the black Lab in the picture) will find something to carry. It … Continue reading

Welcome to our newest Wild Side member – Zola!

A great big “Welcome” today to the newest member of our pack – Zola the Rhodesian Ridgeback. She was a little unsure about getting into the van, but once up in the familiar territory of Mugdock, she loved her walk. … Continue reading

Vito waiting for salmon?

A lovely sunny walk today over the Moor at Mugdock Country park. Vito was very disappointed as there was hardly any mud as it has been dry for a few days now (shouldn’t speak too soon…), so found it difficult … Continue reading

Murphy Returns….

A lovely walk today with Holly and Boris (the Vizslak), Laddie and Meg (the Labs) and Gemma and Murphy (the Cocker Spaniels). Murphy hasn’t been on a Wild Side Walk for a week, and he couldn’t have enjoyed it more. … Continue reading

A Sleepover….

A nice sunny walk through the forest at Drymen yesterday with Skye and Molly coming back with me for a sleepover! It was the first time either of them have stayed, and they were perfect house guests! Holly and Ivy … Continue reading

Mugdock Country Park.

Vito was particularly manky today, sorry Elle. He just LOVES every bit of mud, dirt, water that he can find. It can be bone dry for miles and then there will be one little bog and guess who is straight … Continue reading

Beautiful Day

If only the weather was like this every day! Absolutely beautiful day, with Holly and Boris, Laddie and Meg and last but not least Gemma. Definitely strange to walk without Ivy, but it is only for a short time ’til … Continue reading

Great Pack of Dogs

Another lovely walk today with Laddie & Meg – the 2 black labs, Jude – the golden lab, Gemma – the cocker spaniel and Holly & Boris – The Vizslak. Missing today was my own dog Ivy, who was in … Continue reading