Summer has arrived….

you can tell because I have my shorts on! What a great walk…summer has arrived. Today I had 3 Vizslak- Holly, Ivy and Boris, and 3 Labs – Laddie, Meg (in the photo) and Jude. Over Drumclog Moor which was … Continue reading

The Wolf Returns

Hurrah!!! After a couple of weeks break, Vito is back. He doesn’t find Ivy quite as alluring as he used too…..but OMG did he love his walk! Every bit of water, bog, mud…he lay down in it! He got on … Continue reading

A huge welcome to 2 new members of my Wild Side Pack – Laddie and Meg (the black labs in the photo). They couldn’t have fitted in better, instantly making friends with all the other dogs. Beautiful natures, great travellers, … Continue reading

At Least it didn’t rain…….

Dry at last…….a nice walk along the West Highland Way with Gemma, Boris, Holly and Ivy. Gemma still managed to find snow to roll about in, she does love doing that! Boris was as cute as ever – and a … Continue reading

A Wet, Windy and really Wild Side Walk

On the wettest day of the year so far, I had a full house of Gemma and Murphy, the cocker Spaniels, Jude the lab, and 3 Vizslak – my own 2 Holly and Ivy and the cutest pup in the … Continue reading

Another Wet Walk….will it ever end??

Yet another wet walk today, will the rain ever end? In this picture are 2 Cocker Spaniels that come on my Wild Walks – Murphy and Gemma. They make me smile when they walk/run side by side, as it’s hard … Continue reading

Will the rain ever stop?

Back to Drymen…

Another great walk, with a lot better weather than yesterday, thank goodness! Skye the Collie, as usual was the perfect gentleman, Gemma loved having another Cocker Spaniel (Murphy) to run with, it is really cute when the two of them … Continue reading

Pepsi’s First Wild Side Walk

New girl Pepsi, the boxer, came with us on a very wet and windy walk. Hardly the best day for walking, but she still LOVED it. She travelled really well, and loved the company of the other dogs. Mugdock Country … Continue reading

A great Wild Walk!

Another fantastic walk today through the glorious scenery of Drymen’s forest, through the woods and back along the West Highland Way. Full compliment of dogs, Gemma the cocker spaniel, Murphy another cocker with the most beautiful eyelashes (I want them!), … Continue reading