With me today were Holly & Ivy, Ted, Murphy, Juno, Skye, Vito and special guest – Ludo. Ludo is a American Hairless Terrier, one of only seventy in the UK, and comes all the way from London. His owners are … Continue reading

The Bouncer

The Newfoundland in the centre of this photo is Monty, but I call him The Bouncer. He really doesn’t like it when there isn’t absolute peace and calm, with all the dogs just enjoying the walk. If Ivy & Holly … Continue reading

It’s Sunny!

I love my job on days like today! Might not be quite so enthusiastic when it is -5C in January but for now – definitely! All the dogs that came with me today are so great and just LOVE the … Continue reading

What has happened to Ted?

Uneventful morning walk, then out with me this afternoon were Laddie & Meg, Zola, Rocco, Lily and Ted. Up ’til now, Ted (the Golden Lab in the photo) has been very calm,would just plod along with me enjoying the wilds … Continue reading

Dry at Drymen!

A nice, almost sunny, walk today out at Drymen. With me today were Holly & Ivy, Jude, Skye, Meg & Laddie, Jura and last, but not least, Rudi. Very quiet going through the forest and then we did a big … Continue reading

A new pack member – Dexter

This afternoon we welcomed a new member to our Wild Side Pack – Dexter the Jack Russell. He instantly fitted in with the rest of the dogs, particularly Lily. I don’t know if it was because they are a similar … Continue reading

Two walks today!

Two great walks today with the best dogs ever. Morning walk with Holly & Ivy, Jude, Rudi (who spent most of it being carried inside my jacket!), Murphy and Jura. The afternoon walk was with Zola, Boris, Skye, Ted and … Continue reading


A warm welcome to a new pack member – Jura. He couldn’t have been any better- super friendly, loved the walk and travelled really well. He is only with me for 10 days as he is on holiday just now … Continue reading

Great Pack of Dogs

With me today were Holly & Ivy, Rudi (in the photo), Jude, Juno, Monty, Lily and last but not least, Ted. I did have a bit of a disaster, I was standing on the rocks at the edge of Deil’s … Continue reading

A warm welcome to our newest member – Ted!

A very warm welcome to our newest Wild Side Walks member – Ted the Golden Lab. He jumped straight into the van, travelled really well, was off lead the entire walk (coming back instantly I called him), got on really … Continue reading