How do the dogs travel?

The hops are short, but none the less Wild Side Walks is very proud of our brand new doggy van. We opted for the model used widely by the Scottish SPCA. Based on their advice we installed a roof vent and opted for the ubiquitous white van to reflect the heat…when the temperatures warm up. The cages have been installed and fixed by coachbuilders to exceed RSPCA guidelines.

Will my dog still get a walk if the weather is bad?

It’s Scotland we live in! Of course we will still walk – “there is no such thing as bad weather, only poor clothing!” Billy Connolly

What do I need to get ready

Your dog’s collar and any coat you may want your dog to wear (see above!)

What if there is an emergency?

We will carry emergency contact numbers at all times. You will be notified immediately, and the action taken will be dependent on the circumstances and your instructions… we’ll cover it fully when we meet. (see below!)

How do we go about setting this up?

Before beginning our service with you, I will come to your home to meet you and your pet (this consultation is free of charge). I’ll find out and record your doggy’s likes/dislikes et al as well as health and vet details. We can discuss any specific needs and requirements then if you like.

Like the sound of it!! How do I book?

Click Jacqui to ping me an email or call 07976 941284, remember the consultation and first walk are on us!

What if I have another question that isn't answered here?

Call or email – we don’t bite!