About us

Wild Side Walks has been forming slowly since I got my first Hungarian Vizsla (Holly) in 2005:- think of a cross between an Andrex puppy, Bambi and Tigger. They are an exceptionally exuberant breed that require a lot of exercise.  I was fortunate enough to get a lot of help early doors from our breeder (who’s also got a pic of my “girls” on her website). I got my second (Ivy) in October 2009.

What we do

I walk daily along ancient moorland pathways, forest tracks and hilly goat trails, in all of the glorious weather conditions; gifted to those of us lucky enough to live in the West Coast of Scotland.

My main routes are usually about a 5km circuit of the West Highland Way,Strathblane Railway and Mugdock with Auchineden Hill & The Whangie another regular haunt. Other faves are Garadhban Forest and Fintry Hills. The dogs can run, jump, roll, swim and dig to their heart’s content and away from traffic.

As I said my “girls” are particularly full of beans, but even they, on return from their daily walk will eat their dinner and within 20m be curled up, all contented and sleepy. I care about our community and environment, and observe the Scottish Outdoor Access Code across a broad range of trails to ensure our dogs cause or come to no harm around lambing sheep, calving cows, nesting ground birds and little visiting birdies that nest in spring on some of the high moorland.

There are times when you will want someone to walk your dog because you work, have a function, you are unwell, fancy a day at the shops or you just feel like a pet free day. I will look after them, take them for a couple of hours for a great walk in the open countryside and bring him or her home paws wiped and happy.

Try Wild Side Walks

Please take up my invitation to meet your dog, take him or her for a walk, for no fee and without obligation, and see if you agree.

Prices start from £15. Contact us to find out more.


My dog stayed with Jackie a few years back while I was on holiday. I would highly recommend! Mypet was well cared for and happy. I was sent pictures of my dog so I could see how she was. I was asked about my dogs routine, likes and dislikes. Dog came home happy and exhausted lol! Fabulous . Picked up and dropped off. Fabulous service ? ?

Lesley Ann Chambers

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