The Wild Side Walk is geared towards creating a social environment where your dog can enjoy interacting with other dogs.

Prices start from £12

Included is:

  • A free first walk and consultation
  • Free local area home pick-up and drop off
  • Friendly groups
  • 5km open countryside walk
  • A tired, happy and probably hungry dog on return
  • A clean wipe of the paws
  • Fully supervised and insured

Not only will he or she make new friends they’ll enjoy a two hour trip that includes a minimum 5km walk (for the humans) in open countryside, safely away from traffic and livestock.

walks2They’ll have the opportunity to explore a mix of wood and moorland trails with plenty of open space to run about. We use GPS to track the terrain we cover and publish our Wild Side Walks and “tagged” photographs that you can follow on Google Maps.

The Wild Side Walk is especially good for all pack breeds and crosses.

We started the company given the energy levels our HPR Viszlas expected to run off every day. All the other HPR and Gundogs like Labradors, Retrievers, Spaniels and any other dog with a lot of excess energy to expend, love The Wild Side Walk too.

It’s not about specific breeds or size though: we have really big Wild Side Walkers (Ridgebacks like Zola here) and wee cuties like Coco and Rusty (below) who are just as game and love the long wild walks.

walks3It is about dogs loving a good outing in the country meeting up and socialising with both regular and new pals.

All of the dogs on our walks are well cared for, from loving homes and make a well balanced and friendly pack. The only types that may not suit are those bred and trained for a primary role of guarding and/or fighting.