I can’t say enough good things about ”Wild Side Walks”, the kids finally persuaded us to get a dog after our oldest left home for uni. I have always resisted as we both work full time. Before we knew it they had gone online ,found the most adorable puppy, who we saw once and that was it. The kids were off over the summer so that was fine but as the summer was ending we had to find a solution. ”Ralph’ is a cross between a Boarder Collie and a Portuguese Waterdog so he needs plenty of exercise and as we live in Strathblane  he was used to long country walks. I was shocked at the local kennels and feel we didn’t get a dog to have him caged all day but for a small time when he would be let out to ”play”. I came across Wild Side Walks and it sounded perfect. Since then we have not looked back . Jacqui has help to train Ralph -he doesn’t need a lead but keeps close on walks, and she is so flexible; if the kids are off and can walk Ralph during the holidays or for odd days it’s no problem  to change at short notice and she also takes Ralph to the groomers, nothing is problem.   Ralph is exhausted and happy at the end of each day and  he really looks forward to seeing Jacqui. Wild Side Walks has made it possible for us to have a dog with our busy lives . Thanks so much Jacqui .
Sarah, Strathblane

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Wild Side Walks is simply the best dog walking business there is. Jacqui is outstanding in every way and both our dogs are in extremely good hands. They are safe, well cared for and have a great time every time they’ve been out with Jacqui. Our dogs have been with Jacqui for years. In all this time, they’ve been reliably walked in beautiful places. There’s never been a day when we’ve been let down. I would not entrust our dogs to anyone else.

Shireen Davies

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