A warm and sunny day :)

Well, what weather! I walked today with no jacket, short sleeves and sunglasses….could this really be Scotland ….in MARCH???

I had the most fabulous walk and walked for miles and miles through some of the most beautiful countryside Scotland has to offer.
I always enjoy my job, but on days like today I do think I have the best job in the world….especially when I walk with some of the best dogs ever that just LOVE the wilds that I walk.
Lucky, lucky me!!

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Cannot recommend Jacqui and wild side walks enough. My rescue Pom Parker has been walking with her and her pack for 6 years now and loves her and his walks. I have had the privilege of joining a few walk and it’s always truly fabulous seeing these dogs together having THEE best time, so well behaved and Jacqui 100% in control as pack leader.

Jacqui Mackenzie

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