Happy 2nd Birthday, Parker!

Today we had a Viz Whizz to celebrate Parker’s 2nd birthday. The weather wasn’t kind at all, and yes, I’m actually holding my hood up as the wind was so strong crossing the moor that it kept pushing it back. Didn’t seem to bother any of the dogs too much though, and much hilarity by the humans as we “Ohh” and “Eekk”ed our way over very wet marshland. Anyway, no such thing as bad weather, just poor clothing 🙂 Happy 2nd Birthday, Parker.


Sorry I haven’t posted my blog properly for ages…I have a Facebook page that’s taken over! I’ve had some wonderful new additions to my pack, and a few that have left…….why do people have to move house 🙁  we’ve had some great walks out in the wilds, even though this summer is not quite what you would expect for weather!

This photo is of new boy Rocco (the lab) with original Rocco. They get on great…although it is confusing for me!
New boy Rocco, is a perfect addition to my pack though, is super responsive, loves his walks, gets on great with every other pack member and is very handsome! The first time I called on him, he instantly shot back to me, with “original” Rocco a close second (with a confused expression!) New boy Rocco is a definite Wild Walker!

A walk to Carbeth!


Quite often, I will walk at Craigallian and round the moor there and past Abbe’s Loch (to give the dogs a swim, if they’d like!). Today, however, when I parked, there was a lot of heavy machinery on the path clearing the trees that had fallen.

Eek, to get quickly away from them – I belted down another path, and it was totally fab! The dogs all loved having a newer adventure and we ended up with the most beautiful views of the huts at Carbeth. What a lovely walk we had, I think this will become another regular as everyone had a blast exploring! Including me 🙂

A warm and sunny day :)

Well, what weather! I walked today with no jacket, short sleeves and sunglasses….could this really be Scotland ….in MARCH???

I had the most fabulous walk and walked for miles and miles through some of the most beautiful countryside Scotland has to offer.
I always enjoy my job, but on days like today I do think I have the best job in the world….especially when I walk with some of the best dogs ever that just LOVE the wilds that I walk.
Lucky, lucky me!!

A warm welcome to our newest member – Molly

A big welcome to my latest Wild Side Walker – Molly. She had her first walk yesterday to see how she got on, and she was completely perfect! Jumped straight into the van (yeah!), and on the walk, I kept her on the lead for less than 5 minutes as she was just desperate to get GOING!! She got on brilliantly with all the other pack members, loves to bomb about at 100mph and then has a lovely wee habit of racing back to me and bumping my hand with her muzzle, as if to say “I’m here, and I’m having fun”, then bombs off again. Even at the end of the walk, I normally put a new dog on lead before the van, but I thought with Molly that’s she had been so good, she won’t let me down now. She didn’t – bounced straight in!! How lucky am I??? She’s a lovely girl, from a loving and caring home. Welcome to my pack Molly! My only concern is that I have another chocolate lab who is called Holly….and I’m easily confused!! Kept thinking my new girl was right in front of me as I called “Molly!” only to realise it was Holly!! But then Molly would bump my hand with her muzzle 🙂


cocoMy wee Coco who comes out with me every morning is going to be a mummy…..in about a month’s time. I’m SO excited, but my daughter Sarah CAN’T see the pups or they will all be coming home with us. Actually, who am I kidding? I can’t go see them either…..

Coco is an absolutely beautiful girl, with a nature to match. So I can only imagine what the pups will be like….I will miss her a lot while she is off (on maternity leave!) …but she will be the best mummy ever!

Viz Whizz

Yesterday, I took my dogs Holly and Ivy up to the first Viz Whizz (Vizsla owners get together and go for a great walk!) of the year at Mugdock Country Park.

There were 25 dogs in total, and everyone (2 legged and 4!) had an absolute blast! We made quite a sight walking round the country park, there were many complimentary comments made by other park users about how well behaved the dogs were!! However, one lady stopped me and said “Was this an arranged walk, or did you all just happen to bump into each other?” Seriously??!!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I’m off for a few days over the Festive period, and it does seem odd not to be seeing all my dogs, and I’m starting to miss them all and wonder how they are!

My husband has been walking my 2 dogs – Holly and Ivy – and I’m definitely starting to miss my big hikes every day too…..!
I will be back soon enough though, so until then, I just wanted to wish all my friends, clients and supporters of Wild Side Walks – A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Fergus is a Bernese Mountain dog (big, BIG boy!) and is only with me for 3 weeks while his owners are away sunny themselves (lucky things!)

Fergus has the most beautiful nature, and has fitted in just amazingly well with my existing pack. He’s SUCH a great dog, just loves his walks, comes immediately he is called and has the most beautifully balanced disposition. EVERY other Wild Walker has loved Fergus, and I have to say me too! To say we have “bonded” is putting it mildly…I do hope your owners go away again really, really soon, Fergus!

Holly and Lily

hollylilyHolly always travels on the passenger seat, and is normally always on the morning walk.

Lily always travels on the passenger seat and is always an afternoon walk.
Today, Holly came out on the afternoon instead of the morning!! ARGH!!
Neither were for giving up their seat, but they did share very nicely.

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Wild Side Walks is simply the best dog walking business there is. Jacqui is outstanding in every way and both our dogs are in extremely good hands. They are safe, well cared for and have a great time every time they’ve been out with Jacqui. Our dogs have been with Jacqui for years. In all this time, they’ve been reliably walked in beautiful places. There’s never been a day when we’ve been let down. I would not entrust our dogs to anyone else.

Shireen Davies

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