A warm welcome to our newest member – Monty!

Today I welcomed another new member into my pack of dogs – Monty (a Cocker Spaniel/Tibetan Terrier cross) seen here giving Coco a kiss! (well she is beautiful!)

He was absolutely great, bounced into the van, traveled really well, was off lead within 2 minutes of starting the walk and played and interacted really well with the other dogs (although he loves Coco and Ivy!) First time I called for him, he instantly shot back to me – perfect! Yet another Carlsberg dog to add to my pack……

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It is great knowing that our dog is so happy and looked after by Jacqueline. He adores meeting the other dogs but he has an amazing bond with Jacqueline who loves my dog like its one of her own. If you want to be able to get on with your working life then use Wildside Walks as Jacqueline and her team allow you to feel confident that your dog is so well looked after. Our boy just loves being picked up by Jacqueline and leaves with tail wagging everytime.

David McArthur

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