A Wet, Windy and really Wild Side Walk

On the wettest day of the year so far, I had a full house of Gemma and Murphy, the cocker Spaniels, Jude the lab, and 3 Vizslak – my own 2 Holly and Ivy and the cutest pup in the world, Boris.

Boris HATED the rain/snow and started shivering within 10 minutes of starting our walk. He spent the next 15 minutes inside my jacket looking regally out at the rest of the dogs. That boy had no problem getting carried around!
Holly and Ivy were not too keen on the weather either (it’s their very thin coats…), but it didn’t bother Murphy, Gemma and especially not Jude…….didn’t dampen his ardour for Ivy at all.
Thought I had seen the last of the snow, but obviously not! Please, please, please send the sun!!