Back to Drymen…

Another great walk, with a lot better weather than yesterday, thank goodness!

Skye the Collie, as usual was the perfect gentleman, Gemma loved having another Cocker Spaniel (Murphy) to run with, it is really cute when the two of them run side by side. Murphy was excited to see me, I could hardly get the door of my van open he was so keen to get in! Jude, the Lab, doesn’t even need his lead now when I go to pick him up – he bounces around and as soon as the door of the van is open, he greets all his canine friends with his big tail constantly wagging – it never stops!!
The “Awww” factor is still with Boris, the Vizsla, I am sure it is an involuntary reaction when you see him to say “Awwwwwww….he is too cute!”.