Barclay has been on his holidays with me for the last few days, and he couldn’t have been better. He gets on so well with Holly and Ivy, he is fantastic in the house and out on our walks and I just think he’s a wonderful dog in every sense but it will be my daughter Sarah who is heart broken!

She just LOVES Barclay. She warms his mince (“he LOVES it, Mum”), wants him to sleep in her bed, and cuddles him endlessly.
Sarah will be heart broken when I take Barclay home, and although he will be quite delighted to see his owners, I have a sneaking suspicion that he might miss her too!!

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I cannot recommend Jacqui and Wild Side walks highly enough. It is a shame that my boxer Lucy can’t give the review as she just loves her! Lucy jumps up as soon as I say jacqui’s names, runs to her van and comes back happy and tired. Also usually muddy, which is a sign of a good adventure walk! I started using Jacqui when I moved to the area. I was careful about who I picked as I have had some bad experiences in the past – you really do need to do your homework when picking a dog walking company – but Jacqui and Wild Side walks have been fantastic ??‍?

Alyson Parker

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