Five girls and a boy…

A lovely walk today with Holly & Ivy, Molly, Monty, Lily and Juno. These dogs all get on so well together – it’s lovely to see them playing.

Particularly funny is when Monty and Lily team up for a little runabout….Little & Large comes to mind!!
Molly comes on my Wild Side Walks once every two weeks, and she always loves it, but today she seemed to have a blast! Running like wildfire on the moor, to playing “Tig” with Lily and Ivy and jumping into lots of mud. I think she’ll be a tired girl tonight (I know I am!)

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Wild Side Walks is simply the best dog walking business there is. Jacqui is outstanding in every way and both our dogs are in extremely good hands. They are safe, well cared for and have a great time every time they’ve been out with Jacqui. Our dogs have been with Jacqui for years. In all this time, they’ve been reliably walked in beautiful places. There’s never been a day when we’ve been let down. I would not entrust our dogs to anyone else.

Shireen Davies

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