It is with a very heavy heart that I’m writing this.

Jude became unwell around a week ago, and unfortunately was diagnosed with a massive tumour, from which he didn’t recover. He was
eighteen months old.
I can’t describe all the things that I loved about Jude – his boundless enthusiasm, his great joy to see me (he used to bounce about 5 feet in the air), the way he found every bit of dirt, bog, and muck that were to be had on our walks, his great love for my dog Ivy. He was my poster boy for getting into the van (a lead was never, ever needed!) and he absolutely adored our walks together. He was such a pleasure, and I’m finding it very difficult to imagine our walks without him. He never strayed, you never needed to “check” his behaviour, he was always just boisterous, loving, friendly, funny, dependable Jude. Ivy won’t know who to play with, and I know there will never be another quite like him. My heartfelt sympathy goes to his owners, who I know loved him very much.

Bye, bye my big boy, I will miss you so much.