Look at the top of this photo…….SUNSHINE!

There’s something I haven’t seen for a while, the sunshine – which made a welcome return today! It was so cold this morning that I had to scrape the van windows, but this is the most perfect day for dog walking…..it is days like today that I forget to stop!

A great morning walk with Holly & Ivy, Rudi & Sheulie, Monty, Lucy, Coco and Kellie and we met my friend Rona and her two dogs so there was quite a pack of us!
My black labs are on holiday this week, so a quieter afternoon walk with Skye, Jude, Buddy, Kellie and Riley…..I love days like today and hope the sun stays for a wee while.

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It is great knowing that our dog is so happy and looked after by Jacqueline. He adores meeting the other dogs but he has an amazing bond with Jacqueline who loves my dog like its one of her own. If you want to be able to get on with your working life then use Wildside Walks as Jacqueline and her team allow you to feel confident that your dog is so well looked after. Our boy just loves being picked up by Jacqueline and leaves with tail wagging everytime.

David McArthur

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