In this photo are my dog Holly and Max (a Parsons Jack Russell).

I have been walking Max for a couple of months now, but he started off a little nervous and fearful and the only time that he was off lead he made a break for freedom (not a great day!!)
However, steadily since then, his confidence has increased with each walk and until today I haven’t dared let him off the lead, then SUCCESS!! Max was off lead for the whole walk, he played and interacted with the whole pack beautifully, and the first time I called on him he instantly shot back to me.
Happy Days 🙂 Welcome to the pack, Max, where we always have lots of fun!!
PS He just LOVES Holly – excellent taste that boy!

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First of all Jacqui is a dog lover and has a fantastic attachment to all her dogs. She first took one of our dogs almost 10 years ago and he absolutely loved going with Jacqui. He was always at the door waiting excitedly for her because he always got a good long walk in lots of interesting wild places. We have never regretted using Wild Side Walks and would recommend her to anyone. Professional, reliable, trustworthy – Jacqui knows and understands dogs and their needs (a real live dog whisperer ?). She is absolutely brilliant, can’t thank her enough.

Gosia Drozdziak

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