Murphy Returns….

A lovely walk today with Holly and Boris (the Vizslak), Laddie and Meg (the Labs) and Gemma and Murphy (the Cocker Spaniels). Murphy hasn’t been on a Wild Side Walk for a week, and he couldn’t have enjoyed it more. The big black tail wagged constantly for 2 hours! Nice to have you back, Murphy.

All the dogs got on really well, with Boris always posing, every time the camera came out! Such a Star.
Missing my Golden Lab and his antics, Get Well Soon, Jude.

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Wild Side Walks is simply the best dog walking business there is. Jacqui is outstanding in every way and both our dogs are in extremely good hands. They are safe, well cared for and have a great time every time they’ve been out with Jacqui. Our dogs have been with Jacqui for years. In all this time, they’ve been reliably walked in beautiful places. There’s never been a day when we’ve been let down. I would not entrust our dogs to anyone else.

Shireen Davies

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