The Bouncer

The Newfoundland in the centre of this photo is Monty, but I call him The Bouncer. He really doesn’t like it when there isn’t absolute peace and calm, with all the dogs just enjoying the walk. If Ivy & Holly start a carry-on with each other (fairly regular occurrence!), he runs at them both and stands in between them until they have calmed down. It’s like he is saying “Now, come on, that’s enough of that carry-on. Let’s just enjoy the walk” He is big enough that even Ivy listens!

Thank you, Monty – you make for a very calm and peaceful walk! 🙂

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Cannot recommend Jacqui and wild side walks enough. My rescue Pom Parker has been walking with her and her pack for 6 years now and loves her and his walks. I have had the privilege of joining a few walk and it’s always truly fabulous seeing these dogs together having THEE best time, so well behaved and Jacqui 100% in control as pack leader.

Jacqui Mackenzie

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