Two Golden Labs – Jed

How alike are these two Labs? The one with the ear flapping is Jude (perpetual motion) and the other is Ted. I tried for ages to get them together for a photo, and although Ted sat in front of me for 5 minutes waiting patiently, trying to get Jude to stop running about like a maddy was near impossible – this is the closest that I came to getting them together….

Both dogs have the same mannerisms, and way that they interact with the rest of the pack. The only slight difference that I can see is that Jude is slightly lighter in colour.
Do you think I should swap collars and see if anyone notices???

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It is great knowing that our dog is so happy and looked after by Jacqueline. He adores meeting the other dogs but he has an amazing bond with Jacqueline who loves my dog like its one of her own. If you want to be able to get on with your working life then use Wildside Walks as Jacqueline and her team allow you to feel confident that your dog is so well looked after. Our boy just loves being picked up by Jacqueline and leaves with tail wagging everytime.

David McArthur

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