Garadhban Forest

A bunch of grand and very quiet walks in the country in all weather conditions.

Garadhban ForestDrive into Drymen and just past the square is The Clachan. Take the old single track road on it’s right hand side where the new road bends to the right. Follow the wee road up for a mile or so and it bends sharply to the right where a wee bit further on there’s a good sized car park on the left.

In the map to the left the car park’s pretty much in the middle. You can go back out of the car park and on the other side of the road follow the WHM back the way where there’s a couple of loops through the forest. Or head straight out on the WHW from the car park towards Conic Hill.

There’s a map at the start showing three marked ways through Garadhban forest. They’re all good.

There’s also a few “off path” routes and loops for the brave, if you follow the map.