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The Carbeth Inn

Without doubt the most popular request for directions.

There are a number of places to start the walk as most of it’s along the West Highland Way (WHW). You could start from Milngavie, Blanefield or Mugdock and head to where the WHW cuts across Broadmeadow, or as it’s known locally, the Khyber.

From the start of the WHW in Milngavie follow the path through the moor and forest for a couple of miles until it comes to a T junction at the Khyber opposite the gatehouse for Craigallion House. Jink to the left for about 20 yards, and turn right before the road bends to your left.  You’re back on the WHW.  There’s usually a few cars parked here.

Follow “The Way” up past Craigallion Loch (on your right), and just past a wee gate to keep the cars out the path bends to the right…. don’t follow it! There’s a sign at the bend for a Footpath that goes straight ahead of you… this takes you along the side of Carbeth House and plonks you onto their driveway.  

Keep going and not too far along you see an old ruin of a stone cottage on your left. Not too far from it there’s a gate on your left and a dirt road that heads up Carbeth Hill through the huts. Wander up to the top and make your way down as it veers pretty much to the right.

As you get near the bottom you go past a couple of houses and onto the A809. Turn left, and 30 yards down the road is The Carbeth Inn where rest and refreshment can be had before either retracing your steps, or using the services of a local taxi firm.

Prices start from £15. Contact us to find out more.


Jacqui at Wild Side Walks has been walking our dog for over 5 years and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. She is professional and reliable and most importantly our dog absolutely loves her!! Jacqui is also really flexible and always happy to help out at the last minute when we’re stuck. A brilliant dog walker!!


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