The Wilds I Walk

Favourite spot at the moment for great walks, off the West Highland Way near Drymen. With Gemma the Cocker Spaniel on the lead, Skye the Collie, Alfa the German Wired Haired Pointer, Jude the Lab’ and my two Viszlas Holly and Ivy. We’ve had winter there for the past three weeks or so with snow over the ankles. The season is a changing and we were back to good old fashioned West of Scotland conditions of low grey cloud, drizzle and a temperature struggling to get above 10 degrees. Explored a new path today, and was pleased that all the dogs responded well to a rider on horseback (shot into the forest away from them)…. hoorah!!! Welcomed the “new girl” Alfa as well who fitted in a treat, while having a ball exploring the woods., She made me feel good too by always coming back when called.

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Jacqui at Wild Side Walks has been walking our dog for over 5 years and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her. She is professional and reliable and most importantly our dog absolutely loves her!! Jacqui is also really flexible and always happy to help out at the last minute when we’re stuck. A brilliant dog walker!!


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